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Ulfhednar Hird Ireland

Ulfhednar Hird Ireland- We are a group of friends connected by a common passion for history. We arefocused on historical re-enacement at the selected time frames relate to the early-medieval ages (Dark ages), specifically the life of the Vikings and Slavs. Archaeological discoveries are the core of our group existence. We base our knowledge on armaments and everyday life on them. We are constantly developing our knowledge, which we are happy to share with others. Many years ago our drakar reached the shores of green Ireland, where we then settled. Fate made us scattered all over country, proclaiming eternal fame Ulfhednar. You can meet us, e.g. in Ballina co. Mayo, Sligo, Cork, Limerick etc. In our group you will find warriors fighting in the Eastern style like also in western style, as also Handicraft enthusiasts (sculpture, textiles).

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